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Developing indiegames and #altgames, curating and organising game exhibitions/lectures, loving voxels and socks.

About Josef Who

Josef Who is a partner and friend of the Viennese indie game studio Broken Rules.
Game design and art design for "CHESTO - At the Checkout"
Level design for "Chasing Aurora" and "And Yet It Moves"

Josef Who organises and curates the local-multiplayer event called zamSpielen, together with Matthias Menrath and Broken Rules.

Josef Who is part of the team of digital culture and game hub Subotron.

Josef Who studied architecture in Vienna and Berlin with a focus on spatiality in digital games and is part of the intervention collective Gehsteig-Guerrilleros.

Josef Who supervises the off- and co-working space Schaustelle.

Josef Who is responsible for the "corporate identity" of the online magazine Elektro Uschi.

Josef Who......
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