Pixel – Indiegame.at attends its first conference

PIXEL grows to be one of the biggest institutions in Austria’s computer graphics community with renowned speakers from all over the world coming to Vienna and holding innovative and inspiring talks.

At this year’s conference, which took place from 30.10.2015 – 1.11.2015, speakers included Francesco Coan from Dice talking about “Mirror’s Edge” Catalyst, Tobias Mannewitz who worked on the awardwinning TV Show “Game of Thrones” and Albert Hastings, the CG of Quantic Dreams.

Amongst these well known speakers, our team behind Indiegame.at addressed Austrian based game designers to be part of what we want to be a supportive network. Alexander Amon and Stefan Malzner welcomed interested companies and individuals to be part of this project. Also, transporting the indiegame.at spirit, they shared their speaking time with Alexander Grenus (stillalive studios), Mateusz Gorecki (Rarebyte) and Stefan Srb (leafthief) who took the opportunity to talk about their upcoming games.

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Franzi Bechtold

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