Indies from Austria: Shooting Stars

Attention everyone – it’s Unicorn-Time! Michael Hartinger, Stefan Malzner and Alexander Haider came together as “Bloodirony” to produce the creative and humorous mobile game “Shooting Stars” about Tscherno – a cool hipsterish nerdish dude with a hoverboard. Tscherno also holds a laser shooting cat and is sent out by a unicorn to save the planet from evil alien invaders, who appear in disguise as famous celebrities and stars called Kanye East or Katy Ferry. Yeah, you absolutely read that right. 

“Shooting Stars” is a colourful and impulsive roguelike shoot ‘em up for smartphones and tablets. It includes competitive global daily runs and lot’s of fun power ups to collect. The game went viral for its smart and humorous attempt to stop piracy on android: “Bloodirony” spread their very own fake version including an unbeatable boss. This attention was well deserved after they accomplished to create and release this addictive and enjoyable game in just one year.

Avatar Franzi Bechtold

Franzi Bechtold

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