Indies from Austria: Nubs’ Adventure

Maximilian Csuk, part of and currently working under the name IMakeGames, created a petit yet powerful explorative platformer: “Nubs’ Adventure”. It tells the story of Nub, a little guy who’s lost everything because of life threatening and demanding bullies. He starts out to find safety and happiness with the help of a curious pixie.

Through the pixelated graphics shines a sweet story that could not be more up to date: a person, expelled from its home, starts a difficult and dangerous journey in search for peace. The player navigates Nubs with simple, intuitive mechanics through four challenging worlds. Together with it’s subtile soundtrack, Nubs’ Adventure makes a fun Game for iOS and Android. It also got greenlighted by the Steam community and is available for PC, Mac and Linux.

Avatar Franzi Bechtold

Franzi Bechtold

Franziska works as a freelance journalist, writing about games, film, comics and all the lovely geek stuff she enjoys. She publishes her own online magazine (Elektro Uschi) and studys film and media (when she finds the time).
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