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“Papermint is a radical departure from the current spate of high-end, 3D multiplayer games” (IndieCade, 2009)

About Papermint

The award-winning world of Papermint was a massive social experience in virtual space.
Between 2007 and 2011, the colourful island was home to around 20.000 users who could create and explore the lives of their responsive 2-D paper avatars in a custom built 3-D world.

Papermint maximised the social aspect of online games and created a space that anyone regardless of background and intimacy with computers could enjoy. The Viennese project competed with major ‘players’ in the field, but Papermint gave its own special twist to the online community, offering a ‘virtual holiday’ world.

Well ahead of its time, it found a unique way to visualise networks, shared interests and emotions - in its world, everyone is “related” to each other and even your body language changes according to your mood.

The profile-bubbles floating above the players’ heads lead you to new friendships and adventures. With virtual shops, jobs, and an abundance of mini-games, you won’t have to go far to find them. The world plays with all our senses and allows for high individualisation of your surroundings: each plant and animal have their own sound and create a diverse background music depending on your location. You can design your own clothes, make a fashion show, music videos and choose a profession. But despite all its style and chic (art design by Barbara Lippe), it is the inner values that count in the end.

While the world was easily accessible for anyone and free to use, with in-game ads and optional buying options, the game also presented an interesting business model for brands that could, for example, set up their own stores on Papermint island.


2009 IndieCade in Los Angeles, honorable mention
2010 Game Developer Choice Online Award, nominee for Best Online Visual Arts
2015 Digital Cultural Heritage Site

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