About Indiegame.at

Indiegame.at is a non profit network made by and for the Austrian gamedev community to strenghten it’s ecosystem, increase its visibility and connect creative talent.

It is an open platform for all indie game devs, game studios, stakeholders and interested people.

What we do

Connecting Talent

Austria has so much creative talent to offer, but still lacks a proper organization to connect talent to experienced industry experts.

Increase your Visibility

We help you to present yourself, your studio and your events in a professional manner to increase your visibility.

Organize Events

We organize events like the Vienna Indie Week and Vienna Gamedev Meetup to bring the community together.

Aggregating Information

There is so much happening in the Austrian game development scene, but it’s hard to find the right information. We gather all the information and events so you don’t have to.

Spreading Information

We are in constant exchange with Austria’s leading game journalists to spread the word and offer studios more media exposure.

Providing Infrastructure

We are providing necessary infrastructure to Austrian gamedevs in order to keep the overhead for the studios low.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that Austria has a lot of creative talent with heaps of potential to have real impact on the European games industry. Our goal is to connect studios to other talent, industry leaders and media outlets to enfold their true potential.

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